A Headband Magnifier for Jewellery Making

Headband Magnifier Optivisors - O0018

A Headband Magnifier For Jewellery Making



Jewellery making is a brilliant profession or even hobby which includes some seriously fiddly detailed work! You’re dealing with tiny pieces of jewellery, tiny beads, cogs, screws or gemstones which can put a strain on your eyes. You most likely spend hours at a time behind the workbench, whether that’s silversmithing, watchmaking, miniaturist work, beading or wire wrapping. A Head Band Magnifier could seriously help.

Some headband magnifiers come with a light attached to the headband. This is a brilliant addition, which can really help with seeing your piece of jewellery clearly and keep you focused at the workbench.

Magnification not only makes it easier to work on a project, it also protects your eyes from straining which can make you tired. By having the headband magnifier which is hand free too, your eyes will be ready for a day in the workshop!

Improve the quality of your work and you are more likely to spot mistakes as you’re working. This accuracy in settings and polishing will make your designs look so much more professional.


Having good lighting in your workspace is essential, you need maximum light especially if you work during the evenings.

Remember to take note of the type of light source you need- is it daylight, white light or grading light?


We have a variety of lights and magnifiers to suit a multitude of needs.