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I had such a great response from the previous Gem Alert email about the Ultrasound, that I decided to send this related one out as well.

One comment I received, was to avoid placing any heavily included gemstone in an ultrasound cleaner, which is quite true. Another mentioned a string of lapis lazuli beads that had changed colour in the cleaner.

I don’t think any beads should be placed in the ultrasound. Since if they’ve been dyed, the dye could come out in the cleaner.

I was sent the following two links from Cape Watch, which you may find interesting, and which may assist you in cleaning jewellery with sensitive gemstones set in it. I have not tried this cleaner myself, but am assured of it being safer than the ultrasound.

SpeedBrites are ionic cleaners that utilize an amazing ionic, not ultrasonic process for cleaning.

Are there any other tips you’ve encountered, or problems you’ve come up against, while cleaning gemtones? I’d love to hear about it, so either reply to this email or give me a call on 021 794 2488. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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