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At Cape Watch we stock an extensive inventory of top quality jewellery tools used in the production and upkeep of jewellery and watches. Used to clean, grade, test, manufacture and repair jewellery, Our Catalogue is a must have for any professional or hobbiest, listing an array of equipment, machinery, tools, clock movements , lamps and accessories that include findings, cubic zirconia and sterling silver chains.

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We stock all of the workshop essentials from hammers and pliers to laser engraving and welding technology and everything in between.

We also provide tools for every application, including filing, dapping, casting, setting, soldering, polishing, diamond testing and measuring. If you’re a crafts person you may well be interested in our production tools such as magnifying glasses, Dremel tools, loupes, and modelling tools.

For the heavy duty manufacture, we also stock machinery for jewellery production, such as, Chinetti rolling mills, Elma ultrasonic cleaners, Magic 70 engraving machinery and Orotig laser Welding machines. At Cape Watch we stock all the necessary professional tools and machinery for your jewellery and watch production.

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