Brass Soldering Torch


G0092 – Welding and Brazing Oxy Acetylene/LPG

Welding and Brazing  Model ‘O’

Ideally suited for fine soldering, welding, brazing as well melting of up to 20 grams.


Inlet: Oxygen 1/4″ B.S.P. Rh and Acetylene 1/4″ B.S.P. Lh OR LPG

Length: 23.5cm without tip

Hose: 5mm Bore Hose (Blue-oxygen and Red-acetylene).

Fitted with A.S.S. Filter that keeps injector clean from foreign articles and the injector capability makes it suitable for use with Hydrogen fuel gas for the electronic industry.

Soldering Oxy Acetylene/LPG  5 soldering tips Solid brass


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