Ultrasonic 2.6 Litre 100 watts


U0004 Live temperature display heater

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What are Ultra Sonic Cleaners?

An ultrasonic cleaner is a special device that uses ultrasound and a suitable cleaning solvent (at times ordinary tap water) to clean jewellery items.

Our ultrasonic cleaner uses a high frequency ultrasonic wave vibration signal in liquid. Millions of cavitation bubbles induced by the ultrasonic signal, act on contaminants on the surface of the object. It is these tiny bubbles combined with a huge pressure that creates incredible cleaning results. These tools are perfectly safe and non-abrasive to the items which you are cleaning.

Practical uses for Ultra Sonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic cleaners are often used to clean jewellery, lenses and other optical parts, watches, dental and surgical instruments, fountain pens, industrial parts and electronic equipment. They are used in many jewellery workshops, watchmakers’ establishments and electronic repair workshops.

Ultra Sonic Cleaner Specifications

Ultrasonic Cleaner 100 watts with 2.6 Litre capacity, digital 1-30mins timer, heater and live temperature display. This professional ultrasonic cleaner is perfect for jewellery, watches, and small parts, dental and surgical instruments.


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