Synthetic Diamond Screener

R13,108.99 R12,454.00


  • Measures a diamond’s UV light transmittance ability
  • 2 colour coded (blue/red) indicator light bars to give a low or high reading of UV light absorption. Blue light indicates Natural Diamond while Red light indicating Type IIa Diamond
  • USB port for alternative power source and connectivity


  • Screens Type IIa diamonds likely to be synthetic diamonds
  • Tests on diamonds within a range in dimension from 2 mm in width and up to 6mm in height (approx. 0.1 to 10 carat size)
  • Tests on polished diamonds of popular cuts such as brillaint round cut, emerald cut, baguette cut, etc
  • Can be used on both loose and mounted diamonds (on jewelry with open-back setting)
  • For use on colorless diamonds from D Color down to J Color

Synthetic Diamond Screener