Scratch Eraser


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The perfect “Scratch Eraser”, it “massages” your metal and gets rid of medium-sized scratches and stubborn porosity on castings. Follow up with the FINE, then VERY FINE grades. For a full high polish on metals, finish with the FELT wheel and compound.

Top of Form

Jewelry applications: This MEDIUM grade is slightly harder and denser than the FINE grade, great for achieving flat, crisp finishes on Raw Castings. It’s “Web-Like” Structure blends the metal and will blend away reasonably deep scratches and scuff marks on precious metals. It is also great for removing porosity & parting lines in jewelry castings. It does not remove your precious material. Instead, it burnishes and spreads it along the surface. Simply follow up with the FINE grade, then the FELT wheel for a finished, polished look.