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Reload Scale 300 Grain 20grm


Resolution x 0.1gn 0.001g

Platform 77x59mm

2 x AAA batteries

Overload protection

Powder Pan


Anti-vibration mat and travel case

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Carat is derived from Greek work keration the name of the carob tree which produces pods with seeds.

Once dried these seeds become black and hard. Ancient merchants then used these seeds for

weighing precious stones, diamonds and other valuables like pearls.

Carat weight was only standardized in the early 19th century officially adopting the metric carat.

One carat = 0,2 gram or 200 milligram.

Dried grains were also used. It was discovered that 4 grains equalled one seed of the carob tree.

Today the grain is not an authentic  yet it is still used for reloading. A quarter carat is still referred

to as a one grainer.