Rare Earth Magnets

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RARE EARTH MAGNETS. Pure gold is not magnetic in fact it will slightly repel opposite of attract magnetic field. Similarly pure silver will not magnetize. Magnets attract materials like iron therefore a strong attraction to the magnet will be a red flag that the gold content is less. Use this test in conjunction with weight test and acid test or use the electronic gold tester made by Auricle. Other checks and balances include

  • An older piece might not have a visible marking due to wear and tear.
  • Counterfeit pieces can even have a hallmark that appears authentic; more testing may be needed either way. Check with a 10X loupe triplet our reference M0052
  • Look for discoloration if the gold is worn through friction of wearing the piece, then plating will wear off and reveal a different metal beneath it, you probably have a piece that is then gold plated.
  • There are very few metals denser than gold. The density of pure 24K gold is approximately 19.3 g/ml, which is greater than majority of other metals. Consider this when determining if your gold is real. The higher the density, the purer the gold.

15mm x 7mm –  3mm thick


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