Mould Rubber Castaldo Econosil


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Castaldo Econosil Jewelry Molding Rubber sold per strip or in a sealed box containing 7 strips.

For Wax Injection Molds

Castaldo Econosil® Jewelry Molding Rubber is a harder, firmer and flexible silicone jewelry molding rubber at a lower cost.

Firmer molds mean less variation in final cast weights, greater detail and less distortion. Molds compress less during injection and thus avoid squeezing off wax flow through thin channels. It’s ideal for filigree and other fine details. Shrinkage is only 1.1%

Molds made of Castaldo Econosil cut with incredible ease. Waxes self-release easily.

For Low Temperature Metal Direct Casting

Toy soldiers – Chess pieces – Fantasy figures – Cabinet knobs – Fishing lures – Jewelry – Machine and tool parts –
Everything and anything!

Econosil withstands temperatures up to 350°C. It can be used to cast lead, pewter, tin, zinc and other low temperature melting alloys.

Complete instructions are enclosed in each box.

Econosil Jewelry Molding Rubbers is available in 45.7 cm x 7.3 cm x approximately 6 mm thick.

Packaged in per box 2.27 kg or av available by the strip.