Mini Tumbler 2.5kg


P0094 2.5kg capacity

P0094-A Spare belt

P0094-B Spare barrel

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Mini Tumbler:

Dimension:230*180*240mm, Capacity:2.5kg, Voltage:220V-110V,

Container Dimension:145*150mm.

What else do you need?

Media – For this size tumbler at least 1-2kg of media, Depending on what you are tumbling a mix of balls, pins & satellites are easiest , then the polishing compound powder or solution and water.

Handle small runs & touch-ups. The clear barrel allows you to monitor your piece & an easy-to-use lid gives you quick access to contents. Used with steel shot/media (M0162-M0180) & barrelling powder compound ( see P0124) Timer, Direction & speed controllable. Or ceramic media code A0126 for a quick shine up, if items need de burring of rough edges try the A0113 plastic triangle grit 600.

A tumbler is a great tool to own for any jeweller or craftsman- beginner to professional. The uses for a tumbler are endless from cleaning empty bullet shells, to polishing stones, jewellery, dental laboratory field, engineered spare parts, cleaning rust & castings. Different brands have different looking motors that work in different ways. Remember to use the right barrel with the right motor & media and pair it with the right polishing compound for the best result.

The main benefit of using a tumbler is the amount of time you will save compared to polishing by hand. As you can make a batch of jewellery, tumble polish & get on with something else. It will also get into nooks & crannies that polishing mops won’t be able to reach quickly & easily.

Generally magnetic tumblers are quicker than rotary tumblers , they use very fine specialised pins. These get into very hard to reach spots without causing too much damage to your piece. This uses a constant speed in one direction only.

Rotary tumblers are more abrasive take longer & need more heavy duty steel media to create the desired burnish, rotary tumblers generally have 3 directional settings, various speeds & a timer. Flat plate & very fine basket wire work is not always ideal for rotary tumbling. A mix of 3 different shot is ideal & must be used with the polishing powder. You do get various other wet or dry barrels for rotary where your drum can be changed from ceramic, walnut or porcelain shot to get different stages of finishing.

Lastly you get vibrating tumblers where similar media’s are used to the rotary tumbler & also give the similar finish, these are generally very large drums.


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