Micro Flame Hydrogen Welder


Return on investment opportunity for workshops to cap input expenses.

Micro Flame Hydrogen Welder:

Return on investment opportunity for workshops to cap input expenses. Process produces hydrogen and oxygen gas from a combined mixture of (distilled water, a basic chemical compound, and electricity) all channeled through a torch, creates a nice, hot burning flame, up to 3200° Celcius. Highly concentrated “pin-point” Micro Flame. Clean and safe equipment in the workshop environment.

A variety of applications: For all types of metals, plastics, ceramics and even glass objects.

A Variety of industries: Jewelry, dental , orthodontics, plastics, air conditioning, signage,optometry, electro- mechanical , electronic and other manufacturing industries.

  1. DRY GAS , ( high qualty )  consequent clean brazing surfac
  2. Light Torch,  ( allows for long work days , and does not tire the user )
  3. Long Life equipment ( average 10 years )
  4. Easy upkeep and maintenence, for the user and technicians
  5. Precise MicroFlame, with manual adjustable power knob (Very important  )
  6. Long life Deoxidizer ( Flux ), making our system a cost effective usage
  7. Inexpensive, chemicals to prime the system

Other larger Units also available with a variety of torches for soldering & casting as well as spare parts, tips & hoses.

ET hydrogen torch welder: Potential Use in Jewellery

ET hydrogen Metal Glass Repair

Hydrogen and Oxygen Generator brazing dental frame

Hydrogen and Oxygen Flame Soldering Copper

Jewellery Soldering With ET machine




Presenting ET Hydrogen Torch