Chamois Polish Cloth


300x300mm 100% Chamoix

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This is a genuine leather chamois cloth which has been tanned with various oils to soften, absorb as well as preserve the leather.

Before using a new chamois, it is important to remove excess tanning oils or lint from the manufacturing process.

Rinse in cold MILD soapy water and never use any de-greasing detergents or add to any washing machine, this will destroy the cloths natural

oil leaving it unprotected after drying. The only recommended soap to use is a mild car wash liquid as these are designed not to dissolve waxy products.

Next add the cloth to plain water and rinse repeatedly, fold the cloth a few times and press out the remaining water.

Never allow to dry in direct sunlight or in a plastic bag. Instead pull opposite corners to make a wider surface area as possible.

You may also pull back and forth around a cylindrical surface. Hang the cloth stretched out in its original shape.

Always remember stripping natural tan oils from the cloth will cause the unprotected leather to rot and fall apart.

Before each use rub the chamois cloth against itself manipulate constantly to maintain original soft and flexible condition.

If treated correctly a chamois will remain super soft for years.