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Barometer and weather instruments:

Since the late 19th century, barometric pressure and pressure tendency has been used to predict the weather. With the wide variety of barometers available these days, from water-based barometers to Micro-electromechanical systems (or MEMS) barometers, Cape Watch provides the best barometers and weather instruments presenting quality bar none. Whatever the instrument, we have it, thus catering to all our customers’ needs.


Clocks are one of the oldest human inventions to stand the test of time. Clocks have been used, transformed and tweaked since the time of the Egyptians, who dived the 24 hour day into 12 hour periods using obelisks; to the Arabs who invented water driven clocks in the 11th century. At Cape Watch we provide state of the art Individual Hands for QA Movements, Clock Movements Quartz, Numerals for QA Movements, Clock Dials and Clock Panel Insert Movements. No matter what type of clock you need the instruments for, we have them available.